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According to Notes by Jiang, Rih-Sheng, “In the 4th Year of Kangxi, Chen, Yong-Hua, General Jheng’s staff officer, could no longer tolerate the bitter taste of the salt made by the boiling method. He built retaining walls in the Laikou area and sprinkled sea water within the walls as natural brine. The drying was left to the sun’s action to make salt. The salt enriched the government resources and was also provided to the general public as table salt.”
Under the care of a group of volunteer workers, the 338 years of solar salt production history in Taiwan is now preserved in Taiwan Salt Museum at Cigu Township, Tainan County. Taiwan Salt Museum is dedicated to research, collection, exhibition, and education, and is expected to maximize the value of the studies on the Museum’s collection, provide local knowledge and community involvement, preserve the historical relics of the salt-works in the coastal areas of Chiayi, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, as well as serve the cultural innovation industry as an energy plant.
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