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Taiwan Salt Museum is currently the only theme museum dedicated to salt production in Taiwan. The shape and the look of the salt piles are strategically designed so that the two piles look like two white pyramids arising high from the salt field.
TEL: 886-6-7800990
FAX: 886-6-7800765
Museum Hours
AM9:00 - PM5:00 (Weekday)
AM9:00 - PM5:30 (Weekend & public holidays)
Museum Hours extend 30 minutes in July and August and Chinese New Year. Tickets selling stops one hour prior to close time.
First Monday of every month is closed.
Admission and Ticketing
@ NT. 130:Adults
@ NT. 110:Students, elderly, teachers, reporteds, Tainan residents, volunteers, and companion with handicapped.
@ NT. 100:party more than 19
@ NT. 30:Children(>90cm)
@ Free:Children(<90cm) and handicapped.
* Ticket prices are based on notice on the scene.
* Please show IDs on ticket purchasing.
* Group museum tour has to be arranged two days before visiting. The fee is NT. 800 for one tour guide.
Getting to the Museum
By driving - Take Coast Highway (Provincial Highway No. 17) and turn to Yancheng Road.
By bus - Take a bus to Jiali Township and change bus at the Jhongshan Road in front of the Station for Singnan Bus to Cingkunshen.
Architect: Ho Jhonghua Architect Office
Site area: 4679 square meters; building area: 2403 square meters
Total floor area: 6180 square meters
Number of floor: 4 floors above ground. Height: 26.6 meters
Right across from the Museum is the Cigu Salt Field office surrounded with greenery, an artificial lake, and a scenic trail. Based on the idea of the look of the Salt Mountain and the salt crystal structure, the Salt Museum’s appearance is an integration of the two pyramid-shape towers and the rectangular factory. The paint on the surface of the building imitates the coarse salt particles that adhere to white quartz plates, to create the image of a white salt mountain.
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